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The "Statistics" feature helps you...

  • Easily track points, penalties, averages or anything else
  • Customize virtually every aspect of your statistics
  • See stats for the team as a whole
  • Create your own "calculated" statistical formulas
  • Showcase "Team Leaders" in any categories you choose

This team has no statistics to show.

Coaches have said...

  • “I found the statistics experience delightful. I easily figured out what I needed to do to get the stats to my liking, despite the unique nature of their calculation. I particularly appreciated that they let me change the calculation of existing stats (e.g. adding walks to slugging).” — Jeff C.
  • “Just want to say congrats on successful launch of the stats feature. The team loves it and it's the source of constant banter on match day. Thanks!” — Simon M.
  • “Your Stats page blows all others away, we love how it sorts everything into leader boards for each major stat!!!” — Bryan B.
  • “We utilize the statistics feature quite a bit for our softball team. That really makes the season more enjoyable for the players; they can see how they are doing relative to other players, engage in friendly competitions about who can hit the most doubles, etc. Most of our players check the stats after each game. We also have a saying: "TeamSnap doesn't lie." Meaning that, you can't claim you are doing better than you actually are because it's all on TeamSnap!” — Joe J.
  • “The customizable stats section is unbelievable!” — Nathan M.
  • “I was very happy with how simple it was to input stats for the team. The other sites that I tried were a hassle when it came to the stats, but they were a breeze with TeamSnap.” — Jeff S.